Every single day brings a lot of new independent projects through crowdfunding sites. Not all of them deserves our attention. Who to support with your hard-earned money? Let me help you by presenting a few suggestions. The choice is strictly subjective. 😉

The very first article of “Who to support this week” series contains information about four indie projects from various crowdfunding sites… OK, this time they’re all from Kickstarter. Read along and choose which campaign tickles your fancy the most. Interesting documentary that sheds light on a hard housing situation in Havana? Horror short with practical FX? The comic book about the dark Santa? Or maybe the tale of the brave corgi?

The choice is yours! 🙂

1. Havana, From On High

Havana. Photo via VisualHunt

The difficult situation on the housing market in Cuba’s capital city has caused a very unusual phenomenon. People from Central Havana are sometimes forced to live… on the rooftops of high buildings. It creates a whole new ecosystem. Pedro Ruiz‘s documentary tells the story of seven people living in this strange environment.

Thanks to the grant from Conseil des Arts du Québec, the documentary is 60% done. But Pedro Ruiz and his crew still need money for a 10-day trip to Cuba to complete the film.

You can find more information on campaign page:


2. The Conduit

I have a strong affection to practical special effects. That was the reason I’ve been so excited about Dead Air movie’s campaign. Unfortunately, their first crowdfunding attempt failed. Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed for John Hale and his indie production titled The Conduit.

The Conduit is going to be a short film, inspired by sci-fi movies from 80’s and early 90’s. It tells a story of a man suffering from unusual sleeping issues. Right after falling asleep, he is tormented by monsters from another dimension. By scary, yet beautiful, hand-made monsters.

This is John’s second attempt to make this project done. Will he succeed this time? I hope so!

Check out the campaign page:


3. Z for Zombie – A Christmas Carol

Imagine a comic book that contains a world heading for an end, undead Santa and hordes of zombies. Plus, of course, a hero who must tackle this mess.

Well, imagine no more! Andreas Ronning is raising funds to make this story happen! It’s titled Z for Zombie – A Christmas Carol, it’s based on a screenplay of feature film and has got 300 pages. That’s a lot of pages for a comic book. So, it means a huge risk for the publisher. This is the reason why the idea for Z for Zombie went indie.

They really need your help, so what are you waiting for, bountiful donors? Check this out:


4. Odie – A Small Dog on a Big Journey Home

Monsters, zombies… Time to soothe the atmosphere with an aging corgi dog trying to find a way back home. The comic book about Odie riveted my attention at once. Maybe because of the importance of such a stories. Or maybe because of beautiful illustrations – I don’t know. The author of the story is Aaron Sullivan. And those eye-catching artworks have been made by Elli Puukangas (artist) and Karoliina Hankonen (colorist).

Odie is a small dog, but he’s got courage and cleverness. Most likely, it’s going to be an emotional tale full of adventures that could appeal not only to the youngest. I reckon that today we need this kind of stories, maybe more than ever.

I highly recommend supporting this project. You can find the campaign here:



That’s all for this week, folks! Stay tuned!