This time weekly summary may be barely called a list, as it contains only two campaigns. Reason? All of the four projects from previous part of this series are still in the game. Support them as much as you can!

OK, without further ado. This week, I highly recommend backing an independent project of Polish YouTuber who helps to build awareness about mental issues to the broader audience. Besides, among plenty of horror shorts, there is an interesting British production fighting for your attention. What makes ‘Dead Quiet’ so special? Find out from the text below!

1. Living With Social Anxiety – Short Film

There are many stereotypes and misconceptions around mental illnesses. For example, a lot of people perceive depression as a mere sadness, a whim of a person suffering from this disorder. We’re often undereducated when it comes to diseases of a human mind. That’s the reason why Katarzyna Napiórkowska‘s work is so useful and important.

YouTuber from Poland has recorded so far four short videos that went viral. We can learn from them about a life of a person with depression, OCD, panic attacks and anxiety. Currently, Kat is raising funds on Indiegogo to make another video. This time about social anxiety.

As the author explains, making a 5-minute film requires 6-8 weeks of strenuous work… and 2000$. The campaign is split in half between Indiegogo and one of Polish crowdfunding sites. If you want to back a video that will help to build awareness about the serious problem of social anxiety, I invite you to the campaign page:

2. Dead Quiet – A Short Horror Film

Independent horror shorts springs up like mushrooms. Most of them are based on one of few worn-out patterns. The main character is taking a selfie and see a mysterious, strange person behind his back. She/he is speaking to someone via skype and his friend on the other side suddenly spots somebody in the room. (“What? What are you talking about? I’m completely alone!”) Our hero is texting with a stranger who suddenly appears to be a ghost. And let’s not forget about mirrors.

And so on.

‘Dead Quiet’ stands out against those outlines. The idea behind this production is very interesting. Imagine a reality where any single sound you make could pose a deadly threat. The movie takes a place in the post-apocalyptic universe. Humanity became extinct. Well, almost. A lone man strives to survive and to define what it means to be a human in the forlorn world of silence.

This indie film will be directed by Alex Withers. The author of the script is Dan McGrath. They’re close to reaching the desired threshold of 10 000 pounds, so surely, they would be happy if you’d support their movie on Kickstarter! Let’s make this independent film happen!

Link to Kickstarter campaign: