It’s about time to proceed with exploring the abundant indie scene. This time I’ve decided to give up with crowdfunding sites. You can still back amazing independent projects gathered in first and second part of the journey called “Who To Support This Week”.

Meanwhile, let’s draw our attention to a person of many talents. As you already know from the title, Don Johns is a film director, film producer, sound technician, the list goes on. He is also – or rather in the first place – an independent musician.

I have (…) studied films my entire life and not even realizing I was. Now I know that I was absorbing camera angles, editing, composition, music, all the elements of making a film, I was taking in all those years and when I picked up the camera, I was just trying to emulate what was stored in my memory banks.

– Don Johns

Being a multi-talented man, just like most of the gifted creators, Don Johns does not receive any constant income from his work as an indie artist. Therefore any form of support is welcome. You can back Don’s work for example through his social channels or by buying/renting his movies. But first, let’s learn a little bit more about his efforts.

(You’ll find his bio here.)

1. Don Johns, a filmmaker

Films created by Don are available on the Internet page of his independent label – Just A Spark Films. The biggest production there is a feature film entitled ‘Do No Harm’ (2013, horror/thriller). It’s a story of four young people coming back home from their spring break trip. They lost their way and, to add insult to injury, their car broke down. Luckily (or not) they found a refuge at retired surgeon’s house. But there’s something wrong with the old doc and his son…

I would like anyone and everyone to watch Do No Harm, it’s definitely not for kids, but everyone else, I think there is something in it for everyone. If you don’t like the dark, or suspense, I would shy away from this film, and if you have a weak stomach, for sure skip this film!

– Don Johns

How much for the movie, you ask? The cost of renting the special edition of ‘Do No Harm’ is only $3.99. One dollar more and the film is yours. An access to all of the features from the page, including shorts and behind-the-scene materials, costs $4.99.

Too much? You can start your 3-day trial for free! Grab this chance and spread the word!

2. Don Johns, a musician

As Don admits himself, the role of a music composer and singer is his favorite. Such a statement is no surprise considering that he’s got plenty of songs and concerts under his belt.

I’ll say this about music, it’s a lot easier for me than filmmaking. Music flows out of me like water, I don’t know where it comes from, but once I sit down at my keyboard, it just comes out.

– Don Johns

A great soundtrack is a part and parcel of a good movie. Obviously, being keen on creating music, Don makes his own soundtracks for his films. He didn’t stop there, though. A passion for composing songs from scratch has led him straight to his first albums. The last one of those is called ‘Love Our Life’. If you’re interested, you can listen to the album on Spotify:

It’s also possible to listen to Don John’s tracks either on YouTube or through the Internet page dedicated to his music. So… Download Don’s music, follow him on social media and share the songs with your friends!


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