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We live in the times when the entertainment industry is… Well, an industry. Book and comic book publishers, film production companies, record labels… They all calculate future profits and are afraid of risking funds. This is the reason why sequels, prequels, remakes and the like are in the lead in modern cinema.

Of course, this is a huge simplification. There are some path-breaking, important and inspiring works in mainstream scene. But this is not a blog about them.

Development of crowdfunding sites has been a huge step forward for independent artists. But still, exploring indie scene is like visiting a provincial fair. You can find there a true treasure. But first, you have to screen out a lot of things which are less precious.

So this is my idea for the blog: to select and present you the most creative independent minds and their amazing work that you can support.

Some of those indie projects may not receive a chance to come into being. Some other may not be as well-made as high budget productions. But even then they can be enjoyable if an author is able to show some passion that propelled him during his or her work.

That’s right. This is a blog about people with passion.


About the author:

Hi! My name is Adrian, I’m from Poland. Born 1989. I’m a man of many interests. Writer, reader, horror fan, human rights geek. Most of all, I’m very keen on creating content and social media stuff. Being also a huge fan of pop culture, I love to discover new books, films, comic books, games with interesting plot, music, documentaries etc.

I love when artists aren’t afraid of experimenting when doing their work. When they provide me something special, something new. On this blog, I want to tell you a story of my constant search for the most creative projects on the web.

If you want me to mention your crowdfunding campaign or your inspiring work of modern-day art, you can contact me for example through my Facebook page. Don’t forget to leave a like and/or review while being there. 😉